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Lisa has the confidence and skill of a massage therapist with decades of experience, coupled with the attentiveness of someone ever honing her craft. After a car accident I had the opportunity to visit several therapists over many phases of healing. Lisa is tops among them! She truly listens to both my thoughts on how my body is feeling and to what my body “says” as she’s working. She was able to improve and maintain mobility in my hip, which had been a lingering issue for over 4 years. With each session she is able to address both chronic and acute issues, so I leave feeling renewed on many levels.
-Alyssa T.

Lisa is such a wonderful massage therapist! She is thoughtful, listens to my needs and is able to ease the tension from my body. Truly, Lisa's "magic hands" are a gift and she is in her calling. I feel like a whole new person afterwards! Thank you, Lisa for being so skilled in your craft, I cannot wait to see you again!" 

-Susan A.

Lisa is an intuitive and skilled massage therapist. She is responsive throughout the session, adjusting pressure and movement based on what my muscles need that day. Lisa brings a calm energy into each session as well as her genuine warmth and kindness. As someone who manages several chronic health conditions through regular massage, finding Warrior Wellness was a godsend! Highly recommend!

-Stephanie G.

I started having knee pain to the point that I wasn’t able to easily walk in the house let alone walk the dogs.

After consulting with Lisa we scheduled a series of CBD 90 minute massages with cupping. Lisa is professional and caring. She listens and ensures that you are getting what you need and that you are comfortable.

After 3-4 sessions with cupping on my IT band, low and upper back, the pain was gone. Not only did Lisa fix the pain quickly but the pain has been gone for months now, not even a twinge.

I highly recommend Lisa for all your massage and cupping needs!

-Nicole M.

Lisa is a miracle-worker! I sustained a knee injury last November and have been struggling to get back to running the miles I love. I booked a CBD massage/cupping session to see if it would help. Lisa was thoughtful, thorough, and proactive in her approach to my treatment – she listened to what I had to say about how my body was feeling, suggested some options for how to approach my treatment, and provided an incredible session.

I cannot recommend the CBD option enough – when all was said & done, I was more relaxed and slept better that night than I had in weeks. The cupping worked wonders; my knee felt like a completely different knee the next day, and within a week I was able to work in a little bit of jogging to my walks. Lisa provides a friendly, professional, and incredibly comfortable experience. It is obvious that she genuinely cares about providing the best care to her clients.

-Amy S.

Lisa is absolutely amazing! Right from the bat, I felt safe and comfortable in her hands. Covid precautions were taken yet it didn’t detract from the massage experience. The setting was relaxing and her expertise helped sort out knots in my muscles I wasn’t even aware I had. So much healing from just one session. Already signed up for more! Thanks Lisa for being so great at what you do!

-Mel G.

Lisa is a miracle worker! I've had many massages in the Seattle area, but have never had anyone offer cupping as a part of a massage, until I met Lisa. Having her work on my back and neck each month has been so helpful for my chronic neck tension. I also really appreciate her professionalism and feel super comfortable and safe every time I go to see her.

-Catherine D.

Had an amazing massage and cupping session with Lisa. I had been in pain for over 1 month from a muscle in my neck that had flared up. Lisa not only was able to work out the muscle and resolve the pain but fit me in with only a few hrs notice. I highly, highly recommend her!

-Melissa G.

Lisa is an exceptional Massage Therapist and very knowledgeable of what you need for pain relieving. I had a fractured neck from a accident 6 years ago and I need cupping and deep tissue massaging on a regular basis. Lisa’s skills are some of the best I’ve had to help relieve my pain. I recommend her 150%.

-Galen B.

I just can't say enough about my experience with Lisa. Having had neck and back pain for years, I've seen many massage therapists in the past and Lisa is one of the best. She is extremely professional and personable. She listens to your problems and adjusts her treatment accordingly. Her technique is fantastic and the CBD massage is a game changer! I always leave my sessions feeling sooo much better than before. I can't wait for my next appointment!

-Melissa L.

Lisa was so wonderful. She made me feel very comfortable. I have had back problems on and off for years and my CBD Massage with cupping was amazing and helped my back a lot! I have been pain free all week. I can’t wait for my next appointment!

-Kimberlee P.

Lisa is an absolute goddess! I was having a really stressful month, and when I get stressed and my muscles tense, I get severe migraines. I got one of her CBD massages and I was so relaxed afterward, I slept better than I have all month. She was so kind, and thoughtful about how to adjust the massage based on the fact that I have scoliosis and how that tightens my shoulders and neck differently than most. She's very willing to adjust pressure to make sure you're comfortable.

I think she would be an especially great massage artist for people who are new to getting massages and are worried when they hear about like...the hardcore swedish kind.

She also walked me through cupping, which I always thought looked terrifyingly painful, and it turned out to be quite pleasant!

-Katie M.

I went in for a massage from Lisa with Warrior Wellness because I had pain and limited range of motion on the left side of my upper back and into my neck area. The techniques Lisa used to reduce tension in those areas, along with the cupping therapy she practices, reduced the pain I was feeling and restored much of my range of motion immediately. After the massage, I experienced continued pain relief and gradual range of motion increases to the point where I slept better than I did prior to my visit and was able to exercise without pain in the areas she treated. Great experience!

-Vernon S.

Lisa is such an intuitive therapist. I came to see her with neck and upper back pain that I couldn’t quite pinpoint. She was able to find my problem areas and even incorporated cupping into the massage which was amazing. I will undoubtedly continue to see her on a regular basis!

- Dr. Mel M.

Lisa is amazing! After a 90 minute massage with cupping and CBD oil, I woke up for the first time in over a year with no pain. This lasted for several weeks. My flexibility and range of motion has increased over 200%. I have more energy now than I have since I became sick with COVID over 16 months ago. Thanks to Lisa, i can really live my life again.

-Sarah F.

Amazing service and extremely therapeutic. I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain for years. Admittedly, it is hard for me to make time for myself and I push through the discomfort. I have never had cupping before or CBD massage for that matter. Best treatment I have ever had. My neck and shoulders have never felt better. It felt so good I have prebooked sessions for the next three months. Bonus is that this is a women POC owned business. Completely amazing!

-Traci L.

No exaggerating when I say this was the BEST massage I've ever had! Lisa is intuitive, communicative, intentional and incredibly skilled. I left feeling balanced, relieved, and well cared for. Everything about my experience, from when I walked through the door to how well I slept that night was customized to meet my needs and comfort. I am so very grateful. 

-Kels C.


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