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Lisa is an intuitive bodyworker. She listens to your needs and concerns, then creates a personalized massage session to address areas of tension and pain. Her unique massage style includes a combination of Cupping, Swedish, Thai, Sports and Myofascial and techniques in order to promote a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Beginning August 2021, all sessions will include cupping therapy to restore circulation, increase range of motion and promote healing to the entire body. **Now booking for Intraoral Massage, Facial Cupping and Gua Sha***

Massage Therapy Services


Wellness Massage:

Lisa puts her unique touch on a Swedish Massage and combines techniques including Neuro-Muscular, Myofascial and Trigger Point to address areas of tension while allowing your body to relax and unwind. Silicone and vacuum cupping will be incorporated into the Wellness massage to restore circulation, increase range of motion and promote healing to the entire body. 

Therapeutic CBD Massage:

Lisa's Therapeutic CBD Massage is geared towards those with specific therapeutic needs. During this full body session, we will focus on up to 3 areas of concern. Your customized massage may include techniques of Active Release, Neuro-Muscular, Myofascial, Thai, Sports, Swedish and Pin & Stretch. A combination of silicone and vacuum cupping will be applied during this massage to restore circulation, increase range of motion and promote healing to the entire body. It may be recommended for a series of sessions in order to address all areas of concern.

Warrior Wellness Signature:

In the Warrior Wellness Signature Massage, Lisa will create a unique and customized full body 2 hour massage session which will include Cupping, Hot Stones, Intraoral, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and CBD oil. Combinations of techniques used in the Wellness and Therapeutic massage will be applied in this session for a relaxing and therapeutic affect.

Prenatal Massage:

Lisa's prenatal massage will focus on the comfort of the pregnant person with the use of cushions and special positioning. Pregnancy massage can improve circulation and relief from muscle tension and joint pain, as well as provide relaxation and stress relief. 

30min Cupping Therapy:

A combination of both silicone and vacuum cupping will be used in this 30 minute session with the added benefits of CBD oil and light massage. Select up to 2 areas to be cupped during this session. Please note, if you would like more than 2 areas cupped, please schedule a 90min or 2 hour massage session in the above offerings.

30min Intraoral Massage with Facial Cupping and Gua Sha:

An Intraoral Massage focuses on the muscles both inside and outside of the mouth and jaw. This modality can be a very effective treatment for clients who suffer from TMJ dysfunction, clenching, grinding, painful clicking, excess jaw tension, migraines, chronic sinus problems, head injuries, whiplash, strains from orthodontia or dental surgery, headaches, chronic ear congestion, tinnitus, emotional trauma and chronic neck and face pain. Gloves are worn while working inside the mouth to release the muscles and fascia involved with chewing and jaw clenching. Lisa incorporates Facial Massage, Cupping and Gua Sha for enhanced benefits and increased lymph flow. 

90min Full Body Therapeutic CBD plus Intraoral Massage:

This session is designed to incorporate Intraoral Massage into a full body session. Receive a 60minute full body Therapeutic CBD Cupping Massage plus 30minutes of Intraoral Massage, Facial Cupping and Gua Sha. 


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